Ansley Jacobs
Ansley Jacobs | Art Director & Designer

About Me

I’m a creative sponge soaking up inspiration from the world around me. Sitting still for long periods is a challenge for me so when I’m not being creative I run. In my spare time I collect dogs… just kidding. I only have three dogs.. for now.



Things I've done:

  • Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

  • Broke my collarbone while, not so gracefully, running into a tree.

  • Competitive Olympic Lifting. 

Things I currently do:

  • Trail run

  • Attempting to step foot into all U.S. National Parks, six down, fifty-two to go.

Things I'd like to do:

  • Swim with sharks off of the coast of Africa.

  • Fall headfirst into the curious, creative world of advertising.

Ways to reach me:


  • 678.232.9563